HR Practices

Recruitment Processes

At Erdemir Engineering, the basis of our recruitment policy is to plan human resources effectively in accordance with our need analyses and to place in the right positions the right people who are also the most fit for Erdemir Engineering's values and culture. Position-specific criteria and methods are used for the most correct placement. Recruitment activities are performed according to an annual plan, and process steps are structured in a standard and transparent manner. Every successful employee has the chance to climb to the top level at Erdemir Engineering, as long as they carry on with their achievements. As a group that aims at training its own managers, we announce horizontal and vertical career opportunities to our employees via internal advertisements.

How the Process Works

Human Resources and Department Managers collaborate in the competency-based selection and placement process, which is conducted to place candidates in the right job. Human Resources manages the pre-screening process and invites the candidate for an interview. An interview is held with the candidate with the participation of HR and the relevant department manager to assess if the candidate is suitable for the corporate culture and their qualifications match those required for the position, and to evaluate their professional knowledge. Candidates with a favorable evaluation are introduced to the next-level managers if deemed necessary. A reference check is made for positively evaluated candidates, followed by an English proficiency test. For an objective assessment, a Personality Inventory Test is also given to verify the observations of Human Resources and Department Managers on a theoretical level. The result is notified to the candidate once their selection process is completed, and then the recruitment process starts. Candidates who are not deemed appropriate for the relevant job position are stored in our database for any other applicable vacant positions in future.

Training and Development

It is the purpose of the Erdemir Engineering Human Resources Management to reach all of our employees with the vision of training the human resources that will help our company become a globally competitive company and make this position sustainable.

Erdemir Engineering continues investing in new practices and methods in Talent Management and Training-Development Activities. The purpose of Talent Management is to meet the talent requirements of the existing organization and support our employees with appropriate development plans in order to render the organization's human resources competitive. Technical, personal and leadership development trainings are supported by internal training sessions and externally supplied training programs.

Development activities are important to us because they will help us:

  • monitor the growth and development of Erdemir Engineering companies in terms of human resources;
  • contribute to the motivation and engagement of employees by offering personalized development plans and opportunities;
  • create a corporate culture in which performance and talent are recognized and developed for leadership positions; and
  • train the human resources that will make Erdemir Engineering a globally competitive company and make this position sustainable.

Performance Management

Performance management at Erdemir Engineering consists of year-end evaluations and assessment of business target realization rates and basic/managerial competencies.

At Erdemir Engineering, implementing an effective performance management system is important to us because performance management:

  • helps our employees grasp the objectives and values of the organization;
  • ensures that the personal objectives of each employee are in line with our corporate goals;
  • motivates our employees to perform better; and
  • helps our employees to know and understand each other better through a culture of feedback.

Remuneration Policy

The remuneration policy at Erdemir Engineering is based on the principle of “equal pay for equal job”, founded on a job grading system. Job grades are identified considering the size of the work done, and wage levels are determined for these grades as a result of market surveys and internal analyses. This system allows the company to offer wages that are both fair and competitive in the market.

Talent Management

As part of the Performance Management System, we are implementing a management system where we plan, monitor and assess employees' performance and provide them with feedback, determine their development areas and encourage them for self-development.

We aim to employ individuals who can shape and be a part of the Erdemir Engineering's future and are open to change and development. The Company shapes its recruitment practices in line with this goal. It also continues with its Organizational Development and Talent Management practices to contribute to the company's vision of “Becoming a Globally Competitive Company”.

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