We continue development together to ensure a sustainable success.

At Erdemir Engineering, we believe that we can maintain our position in the Turkish and global iron and steel market through continuous development and motivation of our qualified human resources.

Our Most Valuable Asset: Our People

With this belief, we invest first in our people, focusing on practices that support our corporate values and activities that develop our human resources. We embrace this policy for all employees starting from hiring.

We value our employees' devotion, focus on quality and customer satisfaction, leadership, transparency, efficiency and reliability.

We are a large family focused on development.

In view of our rapidly growing, dynamic and ready-to-learn corporate structure, we implement comprehensive programs that help new employees adapt to our corporate culture.

As a flexible and responsive company that supports change and committed to its values:

We invest in our employees' confidence, invest in projects that will add value to them as well as to our company, firmly believe in and promote their knowledge and skills, and look to the future with confidence.

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