Sustainability and Efficiency-Based Growth

Our sustainability efforts are inspired by our sustainability strategy, which is based on the principle of "creating more value with less resources", as well as the company's dedication to respect the needs of future generations and preserve the conditions for the peaceful coexistence of humans and nature.

Our Sustainability Engineering Approach

At OYAK Mining Metallurgy's engineering company, we pay particular attention to clean production technologies, operational excellence, efficient use of energy, maximizing recovery rates, and to ensuring that least amount of waste is released in the Earth's air, land and oceans during the course of our projects.

Respect for the environment and prohibition of child labor are among our primary criteria, and we adopt a project management approach which is consistent with our "zero accident" vision, creating healthy and safe working environments for our field practices. The successful Occupational Health and Safety performance, which is improved continuously, is a proof of this approach.

Preparing efficiency-improving projects for OYAK Mining Metallurgy companies within the scope of our company's authorization in the field of energy efficiency consulting (EEC), we contribute to efficient consumption of energy, which is a critical ingredient for production. As a result, we ensure reduction in unit carbon emission while producing steel.

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