Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I follow up the job opportunities at Erdemir Engineering?

You can follow up the job opportunities at Erdemir Engineering on our web site and on, and LinkedIn portals.

2. How can I apply for a job?

You can submit your application by using the “Job Applications” option under “Career” on the home page of our corporate web site and/or apply for the jobs advertised on, and

3. Can I learn about the steps of the recruitment process?

Human Resources and department managers collaborate in the competency-based selection and placement process which is conducted to place candidates in the right job. Human Resources manage the pre-screening stage and first make a telephone interview with the candidate. Then the candidates are required take an English proficiency test. Candidates who pass the predetermined score are invited for a face-to-face interview. An interview is held with the candidate with the participation of HR and the relevant department manager to assess if the candidate is suitable for the corporate culture and their qualifications match those required for the position, and to evaluate their professional knowledge. Candidates with a favorable evaluation are introduced to the next-level managers if deemed necessary. A reference check is made for positively evaluated candidates. For an objective assessment, a Personality Inventory Test is also given to verify the observations of Human Resources and department managers on a theoretical level. The result is notified to the candidate once their selection process is completed. A job offer is made and the process is initiated for the candidate to start work.

4. What are the job opportunities for new graduates?

We have a new graduate recruitment program in place, which is applied annually for university graduates.

5. How can I apply for an apprenticeship?

Applications for apprenticeship at Erdemir Engineering are submitted on the career page of Erdemir Engineering between 01 February and 31 March, by clicking the “Apprenticeship Applications” link on the apprenticeship application page under the Human Resources section of company web sites.

Candidates logging in to the system for the first time should create an account with their Republic of Turkey identity card number, a valid e-mail address and a password that they are asked to create. This account may also be used for future apprenticeship and job applications. Only one account can be created with a given Republic of Turkey identity card number. Therefore, it is important that you remember your password and keep your e-mail address current.

6. How I can learn the departments in which I can do my apprenticeship?

Apprenticeship opportunities are offered in relevant departments depending on your academic field and subject of apprenticeship. The departments where you will be doing your apprenticeship are announced during the orientation program organized on the starting date of apprenticeship.

7. Can I learn about the apprenticeship process after I am accepted for apprenticeship?

Apprenticeship periods, required documents and information about the orientation program are sent by e-mail to the students accepted for apprenticeship, and also announced on our web site.

8. What training and development opportunities do you offer?

It is the purpose of Erdemir Engineering Human Resources to reach all of our employees with the vision of training the human resources that will help our Group become a globally competitive company and make this position sustainable.

Erdemir Engineering continues investing in new practices and methods in talent management and training-development activities.

The purpose of talent management is to meet the talent requirements of the existing organization and support our employees with appropriate development plans in order to render the organization's human resources competitive.

Technical, personal and leadership development trainings are supported by internal training sessions and externally supplied training programs.

9. How does performance management work at Erdemir Engineering?

At Erdemir Engineering Companies, a performance management system is in place which is designed with the approach of a “Corporate Report Card”. In the “Corporate Report Card”, targets are brought down to an individual level from the corporate level. At year-end evaluations, business target realization rates and basic/managerial competencies are assessed.

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