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In order to meet our customers' demands, we continue to provide services using state-of-the-art technology and with a team of expert engineers and technicians with unrivaled knowledge and experience in their respective fields. While offering services with a dedicated team, assessing projects in terms of costs and timing, and performing necessary surveys and research, we aim to provide maximum benefit to our customers, and support them with our knowledge and experience.

Erdemir Engineering's services range from project management and design to purchasing, contract management and supervision, at every stage between feasibility and commissioning. Below is a comprehensive list of our project planning and implementation services:

  • Engineering Services
  • Project Management Services
  • Energy and Environmental Management Services
We offer services in the following main fields of operation through the coordination of the relevant parties:
Engineering Services

We carry out surveys, designs, and prepare technical drawings, specifications and/or technical reports.

Project Management Services

With a special emphasis on protecting customers' interests and complying with the contracts signed with suppliers in order to ensure the targeted capacity and quality improvements, we strive to fulfill our responsibility at all stages from commissioning investment projects to ensuring that facilities achieve their performance targets while staying within the limits of budgets and schedules.

We employ state-of-the-art tools and practices and closely follow-up with the latest technologies while providing investment project services. Paying utmost attention to minimizing operating expenses and maximizing production capacity, we focus on ensuring efficiency, energy savings, minimum environmental impact, ease of operations and maintenance, and saving human resources.

  • Choice of technology;
  • • preliminary selection of companies;
  • selection of facility locations;
  • design of the overall facility/equipment layout;
  • determination of process parameters;
  • preparation of facilities' administrative and technical specifications;
  • (technical and commercial) assessment of bids;
  • contract negotiation and drafting;
  • determination of auxiliary facilities' services and requirements;
  • selection of materials and purchasing activities;
  • specifications- and tender-related activities for production, construction and installation;
  • follow-up of shipments and payments;
  • supervision of production, construction and installation processes;
  • commissioning and performance tests;
  • control and follow-up of progress payments;
  • follow-up of warranty undertakings.
Energy and Environmental Management Services
Consulting Services for Energy Efficiency

Erdemir Engineering is an energy efficiency consultant authorized by the General Directorate of Electrical Power Resources Survey and Development Administration (EİEİ). Within the scope of this authorization, we carry out preliminary and detailed surveys for businesses/residences in industry and buildings categories, and develop and implement efficiency improvement projects (EIPs). We also organize training sessions for Building Energy Managers (BEM) and Industrial Energy Managers (IEM) within the scope of our authorization for providing energy efficiency consulting services. With the authorization of the Ministry of Public Works and Settlement, we issue energy ID cards for existing buildings, and train energy ID card (EIDC) specialists.

Renewable Energy Investments

At Erdemir Engineering, we also provide services for renewable energy investments with a sense of social responsibility and an extensive range of experience in heavy industrial investments. We invite foreign investors to Turkey and offer our customers solutions for renewable energy investments, including solar energy investments, as well as waste-to-energy facilities, wind and geothermal energy investments. We provide turn-key technical management services at every stage of the project and build facilities that meet customers' performance expectations using the latest technologies.


In line with of our motto of "A cleaner and more livable world for future generations", we make extensive efforts in environmental investments. Our Energy and Environmental Management Group closely follows-up with national and international environmental legislation. We are committed to being a reliable consultant and solution partner for assessing carbon footprints, devising strategies, developing and implementing carbon reduction projects, preparing companies for mandatory carbon market requirements, and assisting the healthy operation of the Voluntary Carbon Market. We provide services with a team of highly qualified experts.

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